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Aerial View of a Suburb

Commercial Property Managers

Property Inspections

  • Each tree, or designated area on the property is visually inspected and documented. Any major defects are highlighted for the property managers attention. Recommendations are provided that include but are not limited to: removal, monitoring, pruning and tree preservation. 

Arboricultural Management Plans

  • Trees are an integral component of the environment and your property. ACA produces Management Plans to maximize tree health, vitality and longevity. The Management Plan can be utilized to create a short and long term Tree Budgets, creating a regular cycle of tree work and establishing a due diligence program for your property.

Contract Review

  • Many people are unaware that our industry has standards of work and best management practices (these practices and policies inform the "buyer" of the standard of work they should be receiving). They should be written into any contact for tree work. With the plethora of tree companies in the Atlanta area, it can be difficult to assertain if the hired company has the skill and the track record of work to maintain these standards. ACA offers contract reviews to ensure that the standards are written into the contact and an established standard of work is agreed upon. Admittedly there will be anomalies to these standards, for example, storm damage restoration. These should be fully discussed and documented prior to commencement of any work.

Quality Control Inspections

  • Not all tree companies follow the industry standards, and incorrect pruning or climbing practices can damage your trees or property. Often times, incorrect pruning cannot be corrected and can have a deleterious effect on the health and vitality of your trees. If the work has already been performed, ACA can provide post work inspections of the trees and the site, documenting any incorrect pruning,  the site condition or property damage that may have occurred.   

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