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Tree Inventories for Development & Planning

  • ACA performs Tree Inventories for your development, ensuring compliance with the local Tree Ordinance, Specimen Tree reports written, if required. All provided information is utilized for the development of the Tree Preservation Plan, and replacement or recompense calculations.

Plan Reviews

  • Review of Plans that have already been produced, providing recommendations on amendments that may be required.

Arboricultural Prescriptions/RX

  • During a development, impact to the a trees Critical Root Zone (CRZ) may occur. Each municipality has its own requirements for Arboricultural Prescriptions to mitigate any impact. ACA develops plans that are in compliance with the local ordinance for: trees that have been impacted during development or trees that are to be planted on the site.

Arboricultural Management Plans

  • Trees are an integral component of the environment and development projects. ACA produces Management Plans focused on tree health and vitality through all stages of the development and beyond.

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